Friday, December 24, 2010


     Whoa!just now , i read a person's tumblr.It's super cool;lots of photograph,and she is friggin good in english(she's in U,what you expect haa syira!).Boy,i envy her.I wish i could have her skills.Well,i'm gonna try my best!(go go syira)Haha,i'm so childish.Eh,wanna know a secret?Well,the tumblr belongs to my 2nd sis friend.Yeah,her tumblr are AWEESOOMEEE!Heck actually,she doesn't know that i read her tumblr.

     I wish i could have that kind of skills too.As you all know,i'm lousy at stuff like essay.I'm not like my friend,her brain is full of ideas.Thats totally opposite of me.Yes,i lack ideas.Boo me!

PS:If you spot any mistakes in my post/entry,do tell me okay peeps,chaww!

thanks for reading :)

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