Tuesday, February 22, 2011

focus syira focus!

Assalamualaikum and hey guys :1: Wanna know something?Today at science class,i kept falling asleep.Dang!Why?I don't know :s::s:Well,the not so best part was i kept feeling sleepy in class.Conclusion;I CAN'T FOCUSED!So how am i gonna understand what the teachers teaching if i can't focus.:z:
After the extra class ended,i feel so relieved.Okay,change topics now!Hmm,I bought my second KRS pants this year :face49: Why?My first pants are short,well it's my fault basically.I didn't realized the waist was high its big.However,the length of my new pants are just right but its big!So my mom send it to a tailor.She made it small just a bit but i think its still big.:z:Okay,a sudden rush of laziness just hit me.

PS:Do correct my mistake :face76:

thanks for reading :)

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