Saturday, February 12, 2011

hacker be gone!

Gila lah!Siapa pulak yg berani hack account ym aku nih?:face3:Ini yg nak carut nih:14:.Okay,the story goes like this;I've got maybe 3 yahoo account,and one of my account has been hacked by some DOUCHE BAG!:face33:So i'm planning on changing my ym account password so that the DAMN HACKER can't hacked lg dah my account.:face11:Okay,done dah tukar dah password ym aku.Guys,ade cerita lg lah.Ade sorang budak nih,his trying to get my attention my saying mean things to me,then suddenly he said that his joking.Ape lg,berangin lg lah aku kan.Yelah,maki maki org,then kata gurau je,mmg *tutt* lah kan.kay,jap g smbg.Nak lipat baju jap :)

thanks for reading :)

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