Friday, February 25, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hey :17: i'm back from school and surely now ya'll know that I AM TIRED :face32:Today,my school was having 'Hari Bicara Kecemerlangan' for PMR candidate which is the form 3 students like myself here :face54: The school invited (well to be exact paid) a speaker/lecturer to do what their supposed to.Then,we have to hear a speech from our principle.Then,after that's all done,we(form 3) are required to go their own class.Well,my class are in the 'dewan' because one of our classmate had an accident.Okay back to the story,after meeting up with the teacher,we decided to eat because its lunch time!

PS:Do tell if there is any error ;P

thanks for reading :)

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