Saturday, June 4, 2011

Adinda Evans?

Assalamualaikum and hey :)

Tajuk post aku psl Adinda Evans

Yes,who is she?Seorang hamba Allah lah :) Aku tahu nama dia pun sbb aku bukak FACEBOOK aku,then tetiba tgk wall home aku ada pasal Adinda Evans,aku curious so aku search lah dkt internet and tanya member :)

Well to start it off,korang dgr nama Adinda Evans mesti speculate mesti adik beradik Juliana Evans kan?Tettt,you guys are wrong :P Juliana Evans tweeted this;

So there you go,Adinda Evans bukanlah adik kepada Juliana Evans
Korang search sendiri lah psl Adinda Evans :P

What i really wanna say is;

Don't judge people :) Sure what she did was err well,wrong (you can say that i guess-.-) but still people,don't abuse her because its irrelevant -.- We are all human beings and would make mistakes,I'm not trying to backing her up nor supporting anyone but she is a human being just like us,she makes mistakes.

P/S:Human beings are not PERFECT including myself

P/S again:I have no intention on abusing anyone,aku just tulis apa yg aku rasa je so don't judge me people -.-

P/S once again,i know its annoying but i gotta say it:Banyak Perkataan ABUSE kan? To the people that don't understand what it is or think that it has to do with child abusing,well think again buddy :)

I've searched the meaning before using it :P

ABUSE in an online dictionary i found was;
1)salah guna
2)maki,salah pemakian

little p/s:Correct me if i'm wrong,I'm still a learner and always am :)


thanks for reading :)

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