Saturday, December 25, 2010


     Hello!i'm bored so here i am again!Well,i'm gonna tell you a story about 'a boy who cried wolf' my version of course.Haha

     Once upon a time,there was a boy who cried wolf!Okay,syira stop the yapping!I was gonna tell you guys about this one boy who is totally getting on my nerve!He likes to fight with me!Well not the fist-to-fist kind of fight.Well,you know what i'm talking about.He annoys me so much!He likes to call me crazy.Heck,his the crazy one.Damn it!Boy,if he is in front of me,i would whack him hard!Seriously,he is the type of boy who would want to make you say 'GO!SHUHH!'Haha.
thanks for reading :)

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