Sunday, December 26, 2010


     Hey ho!Right now i'm bored and tired at the same time.So,today's activity is;went to a kenduri kawin,"hang out" at a workshop near Batu Cave,went to Giant Batu Cave/Gombak(i don't really know which is which),my 1st sis and abg ipar arrived at Giant,then we ate at Rasa Mas which is in Giant,'lepak' there for awhile and then headed back home in my abang ipar's Myvi,then around 7:30 pm,we went to Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan to buy my school things.Then we headed home but on the way there,abah decided to stop by at Cheras Leisure Mall to buy a USB for our new camera but the guy who works there said they don't have one instead he recommended abah to buy  a Card Reader but back home,we've got two of them but non of them seems to fit the camera's Memory Card,so my dad bought it.He also did a survey on Lens.Awesomee lens i tell ya!But my dad said,he'll think about it.Then after that,we headed to Mcd which is opposite of the Camera shop.Bought me a Double Cheese Burger set and a french/fun fries for my 2nd sis.After that,we headed home for real.


thanks for reading :)

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