Tuesday, December 14, 2010

journey to MELAKA part 1

*woot woot XD i am worn out -.- i have to get up early , then take my bath , pray , get ready . then , get the heck out of the house with my family , get in the car , my dad starts the engine , broomm broomm ( okay i made it up , i mean the sound ) ehhe XD then , we're off to MELAKA . reason : visiting my aunt in the hospital . accident =.= its a relieved that their fine , fiuhh ! okay back to the story people ! then , throughout the journey to MELAKA , i was asleep in the car ( give me a break will ya , i'm tired and sleepy -.- ) then , when i woke up , i saw a big billboard saying .. err well i didn't read it actually so i don't know . then i knew that ougg , we're here . i mean we're in MELAKA now :D i didn't remember exactly the time but its still morning so my dad drove us to Bukit Darat . where they served a one hecked of MEE CURRY and NASI LEMAK . usually , when i'm at my mom's hometown , i would eat the NASI LEMAK . its friggin delicious XD darn ! just thinking bout it made me feel hungry . haha . if i'm at the 'kedai' , i would prefer the MEE CURRY . but sadly , i wasn't able to finished my MEE CURRY . my stomach suddenly boycott me . pffftt -.- so , after finished taking our breakfast , we headed to my mom's hometown . its not that far . few minutes later , we've arrived :D
thanks for reading :)

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